Valve Technical Information

Wearing and causes of valve mechanism parts:

Normally, all parts that are moved in an engine can wear like other machine parts. Abnormal wearing of one or some parts affects the other parts. So the causes of wearing must be analysed and then preventive actions must be taken.Genaral causes of wearing;  

  • • Insufficient lubrication and dirty are the most important causes of wearing. These are the powder, sand, rust, hard carbon, small stone, metal particules and same dangerous deposits. Air filter must be collected these things if not so, all these undesirable particules enter the engine.
  • • Old  or bad oils in the engine lose its lubrication properties. Small particules break off metal surfaces and mix with oil and then increase wearing.
  • • Dirty, deformed or impenetrable air fillters decrases pressure in the oil pump, sealing occurs in security valve,seat clearances increase and so engine oil pressure decreces. This oil can not flow from thin channals and valve mechanism stays in the insufficient oil medium.

Rotating of Valves:

Normally, a valve should rotate during engine run. Rotating valves have high  life certainly. Rotating valves have high life certainly. Uniform heating of valve seat surface (means no heat collections local heat areas ), preventing of some carbon adhesions, valve train disturbances and good running surface on the valve tip depend on the valve rotation. 

Rotating event, if no rotator mounted, happens by normal vibration of engine and also spring strok. The valve do not rotate by deformed or not good weak springs. Valve should be rotated normally, no fast or no slowly.

Good  springs and rotator (rotocaps) result in normal rotation of valve and no wear on tip or no local heating or burning on seat surfaces.


  • • Mounting by using the convenient aparats,
  • • Rigth measuring,
  • • Agreeable clearances to standards,
  • • Cleanless,
  • • Checking in every step,
  • • Enough lubrication

factors are important. In addition, after the engine assembly, Users must be carefull on;

  • • No any adjusting pump,
  • • No excess loading,
  • • Suitable speed accorting to rigth gear,
  • • No overloading, exceed yield strength,
  • • No excess heating,
  • • And periodic maintanence.

Manufacturer, repairmen, mounting people and drivers should be in good cooperation and work compatible.